May Hamdan

  About me:

May is a free painter who crossed from emerging painter to the more serious painter ranks recently. In 2007 she exhibited her work in her studio; then in 2008 she was part of a group exhibit “Varianti” in Beirut, and of a larger group exhibit in Saifi Village, Beirut in 2009. She also had a solo exhibit in her studio in Hamra in 2011.

The latest was her solo exhibition “On a Tangent” at Zico House Sanayeh in May 2015.

She currently lives in Beirut and enjoys the space of studio in her apartment. Her work includes painting with mixed media and playful fabric productions in the form of bags, totes and clutches, as well as cushions, wall hangings, quilts and curtains…

May also holds a PhD in Mathematics and has been professor of Mathematics at the Lebanese American University since 1997. She has published scholarly work in pure mathematics as well as in mathematics education.

A mother of two children, Luma and Marwan, May is constantly inspired by her children’s energy, and her supportive husband, Khalil Makari, her primary critic.

Inspiring influences include her friends Walid Ftouni, Mayda Freije Makdessi, Ayman Zahreddine and Karin Hantes: all close friends, professional artists, designers and architects.

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